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Friday Favourite: John Mayer - Free Fallin (Live)

From ‘Where The Light Is - Live In Los Angeles’

I am a huge John Mayer fan. As in one of my top 5 favourite artists. Up until last week though I had never listened to his live album, even though I’ve had it in my iTunes for the last 6 months or so. This is probably the result of me not really liking live albums, I guess I prefer studio recordings and the whole act of trying to figure out how they were created. As a result, this one kinda got dismissed as soon as I saw the title.

Anyway, I had my iTunes on shuffle last week and this track came on. That first guitar riff got me hooked, and then I heard his vocals, which, in true John Mayer fashion, are absolutely flawless. I think that’s why he’s a bit of a polarizing figure - people either love that perfection / flawlessness in his songs / performances or they see it as being “too perfect” and lacking character. I happen to be fall into the former category - if you can find me another artist out today who can hit every single note perfectly and with the conviction that he does, I’ll be happy to listen to their live album too. 

I think a lot of folks put John in the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” box a long time ago and never really came back for gems like Continuum and Battle Studies, which are much more ‘mature’ and nuanced albums. Also, having seen him live, I can safely say that he is an amazing guitarist. The huge number of single, 30-something females at that concert was matched only by the number of guitar enthusiasts, who I think appreciate his talent and ability.

Finally, this is one of about 7 to 8 albums in my iTunes that I can safely play around my mum! If you like this I’d recommend listening to the entire live album all the way through. I’ve been playing it all of the past week and it’s fast becoming a favourite.

P.S. - Here’s something to completely undermine the solemnity of the above post. Happy Friday.

— 2 years ago